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Islamic Convert Center of Union City Fundraiser!
Please contribute through monthly donations to help our center grow.

Allah says in the Qur'an:

Indeed the charitable men and charitable women,
and those who lend God a good loan
---it shall be multiplied for them,
and there is a noble reward for them.
(Qur'an 57:18).

Our expenses:
  • $1,539.45/month rent (1st year)
  • $600/month in food expenses outside the month of Ramadan and Muharram
  • $200/month Utilities (electricity + A/C and Internet
  • $46.50/month liability insurance
  • $300/month special fund needed to subsidize commute (Bart/gas) for low-income members of our community to come to the center
Monthly donation

per month

Monthly donation


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